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Mea Gulpa

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What up nag hags! Mea Gulpa and Mea Drunka! Yo just left the convention thing with all the celebs!

Screwed up tonight! Big time! Wrote this….

If there is an emerging consensus among much of the Democratic Party establishment, it is that blogs are an important, potentially crucial emerging power in American politics, as reflected by the turnout of Democratic leaders here this weekend. What is less clear is how mainstream politicians like Mr. Warner — or the Senate minority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, who was scheduled to address them Saturday night — will grapple with an audience that has defined itself in part by its dissatisfaction with mainstream politicians.

….I left too early, whoop dee doo? So they clapped alot for both of them… I was down two hundred bucks because I thought the dealer said I had fifteen not sixteen and the next card was a ten! I was like, I would not have asked for another card if I knew I had sixteen and whatever! ;(

So then somebody walks up to me wearing carrying a pool cue and blows his cigarette beard smoke on me and says “what non- mainstream candidate has any blogger supported?” I’m like what are you talking about? HE says he’s in a pool tournament and the guy he was playing with said some old lady told him that I said bloggers didn’t like mainstream candidates and HOLY SHIT! I was like MODO that bitch! She must have stolen my wifi or something and I just about took a shit!

I am pissed off cuz before she was all like I like Marc Werner and I want to cover him and I was like I like Marc Werner, he’s the tallest guy ever to want to joke around with me and I was covering him first. And she’s like he told me about how good blogs were and I said, well, he told me to say he told me…

“Some consultants are still stuck in a 2004 mindset — they still think, ‘Is this just a new way to raise some money over the Internet?’ This community absolutely resents that. They absolutely see themselves as ideas, energy, and they want to be part of the debate.”

And I did!

So I told her you can have Vilsack and she’s like no! you have him! And I’m like he said that the DLC is a personality…

“It’s important for the focus to be on the policies and the politics, but not on the personalities,” he said. “Daily Kos banging away at the D.L.C. — we don’t need to do that.”

I’m like, huh? And he’s all like “what”. And I’m like “what do you mean the DLC is a personality?” and he goes:

“The blogs attack our DLC personality and say we are too tainted by industry power and money, which should be off limits because it is our personality to be tainted by industry power and money. The focus of the debate should be on our policies which are a product of taint by industry power and money not the fact that the we are tainted in such a way. It is much easier for us to defend our policies if we can obfuscate the nature of our incentives to develop such policies.”

And I had to be like- uh, that’s too long, cuz you’ll have too many lines in my thingy in the paper- so I’m going to cut that last part.

ANywoolsy, the whole thing got me so pissed that I took out another 400 hundred dollars and lost it at a crap table. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU PLAY THAT GAME! Then I drank that bottle of Champagne I stole from the that big tower party yesterday and I am WASTED!

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