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Went to the daily kos convention- they all think they are so cool- they are like “I am so cool” and I was like oh, well if you are such a rebel why do you want to do politics? And they were like what ever and I saw Modo and she was all like what is going on here I don’t get it and I was like how come I ddin’t get on a panel- I blogs!

Baisy brought some x and I was supposed to go to warner’s thing and ended up on a southwest flight to cancun- WHATEVER!

I think everyone was supposed to be in tie dye and then they knew I was coming so they all put on button down shirts and aged. So I ened up sending Bill the piece I wrote for Iowa 08 during Iowa 04 and now when Iowa happens I’m going to have to write a new thing. It’s like how come you all say you want to take over politics but politics are bad- hypocites-you all sold out by getting influence- hello newsflash KOS you cannot try and influence politics if you don’t like what is happening in politics and then claim you are just trying to have a voice becaus.. I am so wasted I shopudl have doubled down on the ten I had but anna my dealer had a 16 I was all like ok I’m going to win here!

Everybody was like this is wierd why are these people so mean to us and I was like these people only exist because we are talking abou them- if we didn’t exist they wouldn’t exist because they are mad at us and oh shit how am I going to wrtie this piece Jodsie- I am drunk!
more larter!

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