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It’s April fools- duh!

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what up hags!
More proof that liberals have no sense of humor:( That ullltra liberal, in your face, Americablog guy fell for my April fools joke. I mean hello? I worte that piece almost 18 months ago. The fucked up thing is I handed it in to the Times and they fell for it too. Eww. I hope I don’t get in trouble like Judy.

The funny thing is, this:

Bloggers, for all the benefits they might bring to both parties, have proved to be a complicating political influence for Democrats. They have tugged the party consistently to the left, particularly on issues like the war, and have been openly critical of such moderate Democrats as Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut.

Was the only thing I was serious about.

I mean, a. leftists are against the Iraq war. b. when you have two people running in a primary is it not more complicated than having only one person running? Answer, it is less complicated. NOT. It is mathematically proven that it is twice as complicated. TAKE A MATH COURSE, AMERICASBLOG! d. How can Lieberman be considered “conservative” like Americasblog says when Joe Lieberman is, in FACT, Jewish? e. Right wing blogs don’t complicate things for Republicans- they help Republicans- because they are not liberal. If Right blogs were liberal, then, of course they would complicate things for Republicans because Republicans are moderate and for the war! f. who the frig is Ben Domech?- like I care, queenbiaaatch!

What AMERICASBLOG does not get is that I am liberal. But I HELP the Democrats by not writing liberal things, that way they are not complicated. I tell them what they are doing wrong, I have no agenda about them, I am just making sure I do well, which is less complicated for Democrats. If you cared more about yourself you would not right liberal stuff and get a real job. GET IT! Have you been on Charlie Rose? What? Oh, you said no. Cause I have! What is more interesting to Charlie Rose? Republican bloggers are racist and plagerize or things are complicated? I love howbloggers like to talk about nuance and then when I write about nuance they get all pissy. AND IT WAS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!

That is why when I see blogs…. I hit DELETE!

p.s. I saw that greek guy Atrios on the West Wing—-uh, not cool at all, Total GEEK! HA HA! :)

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