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Hey Hags. :(

I’m pissed. I know I haven’t been keeping up with my personal journal here. Well, it’s because I’ve been working on a huge piece on the blogosphere and how stupid blogs are and how dumb blogs are and how they think they can do stuff about elections even though they don’t work at the GD Ny Times- Ha . Anywaysy, I’ve been holding off writing here for nearly a year as I worked on this thing I’m writing- sort of like a spy- didn’t want to tip off any of the blogosphere blogpeople that i was working on this piece or otherwise- huh. I was just going to say if I tipped them off that I was writing about blogs then they wouldn’t talk to me…. but I didn’t talk to any of them anyways. HELLO? I need some coffee!

Anyhoos, the point is now some ass has leaked (I didn’t even realise how gross what I just wrote was when I was writing it. I totally swear!) that I am writing the piece that slammos the blogs that I bragged about to Tim Russert when I saw him at Starbucks. (did I blog about that? He is sooo tall) He didn’t promise me a guestie, but I did have the chance to tell him I wasn’t at USAtoday anymore!

I still bet this gets me on Rose quicker than the piece I was going to rerun on Kerry.

how’s mariage, Mrs. HowsitGoren (hah hah- is that funny or are you pissed?)?

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