The Private Diary of Adam Nagourney



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Brooksy gave me the green light to go after the Christians. Karl says Delay can’t keep it in his pants - apparently Delay is in some ethics situation or something (where have I been? :) ) and needed a cause - fast.

Anyhoo, Brooksy said that Karl said that I had a pass and I was like - I don’t have to go and he was like - no, I mean to say that the big guys are fighting, and I was like they’re fighting? and he was like just write it. WHATEVER! I can’t believe how fat Brooksy’s gotten. He and Friedman could be tag team sumos, of course then they’d have to travel to Japan and Friedman would be sending out his stupid travel log emails. I’m in Japan and a funny thing happened when I ordered my sushi, blah blah blah

I mean, what are they feeding them in the op-ed cafeteria that makes them so fat- Bill Safire’s guilt? Jesus- I’m on fire tonight! growwwl!

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