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I’ve been Schmitzed

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Doug Schmitz USED :( to be my favorite columnist at the conservative supersite

Recall the hissy fit the media leftists threw about Fox News White House Correspondent Carl Cameron when he was traveling with the Kerry campaign: Cameron, who’s one of the best White House correspondents in Washington, referred to John Kerry as a “metrosexual” in a private e-mail about Kerry’s over-the-top grooming habits. But it was inadvertently posted on and, subsequently, the pro-Kerry media pounced.

But these same leftist reporters never said a word when New York Times reporter and Bush-hater Adam Nagourney posted, in his “personal diary” on his Web site, false allegations about Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman.

Bush-hater?! How could you Doug? I nailed John Kerry every chance I got and this is my thanks! What was wrong with what I said about Kenneth? He’s totally straight and by straight I mean totally gay.

You used to be my first stop during my daily read of the You used to be there when I needed some rock solid conservative commentary. I’ll still visit but I am done with being Schmitzed. From now on it’s only Irwin N. Graulich on MichNews for Adam Nagourney.

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