The Private Diary of Adam Nagourney


I Want to be a White House Hooker

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Now what alias should I use?? I’m thinking of possibly going with Alex Hagourney because Alex is SO much easier to say than Adam.

In studying GannonGuckert I found that the logical next step to breaking through White House security is to grab several male escort domains to promote my own hooker services. I am thinking something along the lines of More on that later…

The final step in the JeffJames GannonGuckert White House Hooker transformation process is to boost your journalistic credibility by having a degree in Physical Education from a state school in Pennsylvania. This will ensure I am in top shape for my “clients.”

Maybe if I can complete the above I too could receive unprecedented access to the Bush administration. I want to fill the void left by James D. Guckert and become the White House Hooker.

Welcome to my personal diary! This blog is intended to be written for a PRIVATE audience. If you email me and ask for permissions I may give it to you, but not likely.