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2012 & 2016

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Two nights ago I finished my 2008 horserace 1000 worder and was half way into a bottle of chardonay. My psoriasis was acting up and the phone hadn’t rung in three days - you’re all bitches- I was going to do a Will & Grace marathon until i found out my tivo erased them all to record the Grahm Norton eps I missed! Anyhoo, I was grooving so I wrote up my 2012 & 2016 pieces too, just in case I die.

God I hope they are still called Democrats and Republicans- though I guess i could just use my find and replace. But wait, not if i was dead.


Payola, not Me-yola

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I want to be the first to say that I have received no taxpayer money to tilt my coverage in favor of the President. There is a big difference in getting taxpayer money to push some ideology or program for the administration and having the integrity to do the same because you know it will help your career and endear yourself to people who bully you.

It is disgusting to me that Armstrong Williams has made so much more money than me. If you want be filthy rich you don’t go into journalism (with the exception of everybody who works in the news business). You go into journalism to feel important, to have that rush when you enter a room and know that you have the power to shape reality in a way that will ultimately benefit yourself.


Boy did I lay a stinker!

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Did a re-write of a piece I read in the post a week or two a go and the la times. (thank god it is three hours behind us LOL). DK said I shouldn’t bother include the media presentation of the campaigns in the piece- said it was too meta- i said it no meta to me anyways. LOL

It sucks having to write when no one cares about what you write. I can’t wait till the dems pick a DNC head - Karl hasn’t called since the election, he won’t even return. :( I’ve had a rash and been working on my screenplay. Bored.

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