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Danny U R 2 Sweet

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You guys know I’ve been in the dumps lately (just wrote my first piece in weeks- it was exhausting, had to crib it from the LA Times and ten minutes I heard Rush when I was driving to the soviet safeway).

I’ve had the blues, don’t know if it’s because I feel guilty about trying to protect my career over doing “good journalism” this past election or if it’s because of my sad. You guys know I’ve got seasonal affective disorder, right? Well, I found out that my stupid cleaning lady switched out the bulbs in my lightbox! I’ve been staring at flourescents for three weeks! WTF! No wonder nobody wants to pay social security taxes for these people! Besides who can live on nine grand a year?

Anywho, someonbe just sent me this!
I just want to say it is so cool of Danny to stick up for me and mention my name. (OT I have been named in 22 stories about the media in 2004, I’m piecing together an online scrapbook of al the times my name got into the papers- in 2003 it was only twice and those were just legal notices) He totally understands that people don’t go into journalism to be picked on and scrutinized. They go into to journalism to pick on and scrutinize. If you don’t like what I write tough nuts. The public is not my boss and it’s not Danny’s either. Hello!?! His job is to edit the public- that is his title PUBLIC EDITOR!

Anyhoo, thanks Danny and as far as this…….

“It was amazing to me that Adam [Nagourney, the Times’ national political reporter] and his colleagues can still keep their eyes on the ball(s).

Don’t worry bout that Honey! ROTFL :)



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What up, y’all. Still on vay-kay, but found a cabana man with wireless! Pissed that Charlie didn’t call me to be on his show yesterday! Why couldn’t I have been the one Karl called to out that spy bitch! Now Judy gets to go to jail and look like a real journalist. Fuck!

Lil’ Richie Co-co’s from the Post was on. What Bullshit! Why couldn’t Charlie have on two people from the times. Judy, cause she is going to jail and me cause I have to protect law breakers all the time. The only reason richie was on was because he’s from the Post and Charlie didn’t want two people on from the same paper- THAT IS A STUPID RULE! Richie was agnostic about the “leak” being criminal- i thought that was cool. It’s like, hello, we’re journalists, if people don’t trust us to protect them when they use us to committ treasonous crimes to further their political agenda it will have a chilling effect! If that happens how will we be able to go to parties? Hellooo? This is America, I don’t think parties should be illegal!

Seriously, think about it. What if this had been about the pentagon papers?

The only difference is that the pentagon papers was an obvious attempt to give information about illegal war acts to the american public at great personal peril and the passing of information that Valerie Plame was a covert CIA agent was an obvious criminal act to benefit the most powerful in the Bush administration and keep the public from knowing that they lied about an important reason why they took the country to war.

See? War. War. Same. Same.

(someone please forward this to Charlie but don’t tell him i told you to forward this to him. It is not still too late to have me on to talk about this. )

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