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What is wrong with the democrats?

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OK here’s a test. This is that lady govenor from New Mexico or Arizon. I interviewed her for my awesome post elction article. Read this:

How did a party that has been out of power in Washington, D.C., become tagged with the problems of Washington, D.C.? How did a party that is filled with people with values – and I am a person with values – get tagged as the party without values?'’

These are questions, right? WTF!!? When she asked me the first question I told her it was becasue Kerry had no charisma! She looked at me like I was from a different planet! She said it was rhetorical. Rhetorical? That’s the problem with Democrats, who talks like that when they’re not on Charlie Rose? Hello Democrats- time to stop being so intellectual. Time to stop not mentioning GOD.

Here is some free advice. Why do I succeed so much in my job? 1. I don’t let my “personal integrity” get in the way of furthering my career. 2. I don’t let my knowledge of reality get in the way of reporting as truth stuff I know to be false. 3. I kiss Charlie rose’s ass (he loves intellectuals who deride others for being too intellectual) 4. I write like those who have always bullied me. 5. I have Daniel Okrent put hits out on people who criticize me.

Democrats should do this stuff.; Why hasn’t Karl called me?!

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