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I’m so Excited….

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That I just Can’t hide it…
I’m about to lose control ,
and I think I like it!

Just got back from a ‘thank god it is over” Karioki jam! I rocked! I totally faced Carl Cameron on a Doobie Brothers duel. stupid poll yesterday. A bit sloppy I must say- I’ve shit on piece of papers that took more effort!
Hello! Thank you folks I’ll be here all week.

This is going to be huge. Bill Frist left a message on my machine and said I might want to start talking about reasons why people didn’t actually vote for Kerry they voted against Bush and that’s not fair because Kerry is not legitimate because people don’t like him.

Bill Frist is really cool. He finished his message by saying “Thanks Adam- you are the tops!” I’m like say what? Jodi- I actually said that outloud to my answering machine, I was like “say wha?!” But then I was like “hey, maybe I am” Can you fucking Imagine! (oops potty mouth- crunch, crunch- that’s me eating soap.)

Anywierds, so many people are pissed that Kerry is going to win - I’m psyched!, we’re not guilty! Jodi- if you know of any parties tomorrow night call me- it seems like nobody is having a ny parties- that I’ve heard of anyways.

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