The Private Diary of Adam Nagourney



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First off, my hands are trembling while I write this. I can barely type and my dragon speak program is down! Damn you James Wolcott damn damn damn 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

Ok first things first, I will try to write this but tears keep filling my eyes and I can’t see the screen, oh god, I feel just like I did in Junior high when I got picked on by the all Jocks. And by all the nerds, and the shop kids and the AP students. and the teachers. and the cleaning staff. Thank god I met Dan Okrent at sleepover camp.

Ok. James Wolcott. First how dare he make light of Howard Fineman’s reportorial skills. Nobody has more guts than Fineman! Maybe he forgets when Fineman said that Chris Matthews was a loud mouth and was banned from Hardball for MONTHS! He has had to do Scarborough since then and only now has he been able to matthews show and on the sunday version. That is called journalistic integrity. Journalistic integrity meet James Wolcott.

Second. James asks how can I say I have more charisma than John Kerry, blah blah blah. Sounds like Jamesy Wamesy is jealous cause I have been on Charlie’s show. Believe me it is not easy to go on a show which probably reaches millions of people JAmes! However, Charlie says I do GREAT! You have to say pithy things like I do or you don’t get invited back on.

People do not walk away from me at parties! I walk away from them! GoDAMMMITTT!

Geuss waht jame WOlcott! I can’t wait to see what the public editor of the New York Times writes about this week. Hope your address isn’t available!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you don’t live in a Jewish Temple !!!!!!!! Or are you too busy defacing churches to deface a temple????

Jodi call me I am so fuckining pissed and i’m drinking cooking sherry.

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