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Loose Lips Kerry!

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God I hate this plane! If I have to see Candy Crowley stuff one more piece of melon in her face I am going to explode! I honestly can’t wait for this election to be over and everyone knows it!

Just popped a couple of klonopins. My head is reeling from “listening to conservative talk shows” and “talking to some voters and some democrats“. Finished the piece by saying at least kerry didn’t flip flop. Snap! I go girl!

Anyhoo, I’ve been a ha-uge Mary Cheney fan since the Mr. Leather Coors tour.

God Dammit! I am drunk!- I think.

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still pissed about that piece of shit I had to file for yesterday. First thing I emailed was 40 words an’ ole fart head made me submit 1500 words. WTF?! “I like Bush and I like Kerry. Kerry was boring and now he’s not but not so much that people like him more than Bush, according to Mr. Bush’s aides. Bush is doing better than Kerry in every way except in anything measurable.” Nobody reads me anymore anyways. God I hate that fuckin plane! I snuck a tiny shnaps bottle on and bene having it with my tea- I’m still flying! Woopee!

Guess who is a dick-Jay “i think I’m hot shit"Wagner. NEWSFLASH - I am the chief political correspondent! If I want to cherry pick interviews to provide balance- then you be George motherfucking Washington and chop down a tree. Iowa is my Biaaaatcchh! I got news for you not chief political correspondent , if this…

In an election in which Mr. Bush is benefiting from strikingly more intense support from his followers, that could prove to be something of a breakthrough for Mr. Kerry if it helps him solidify and energize his Democratic base.

supposedly “doesn’t make any sense", why are you reading it in the New York Times, Biaaatchhh!

Oh Jody, call me I’m so wasted. Rooty-tooty - like how you let the pubs make a charge and make those stiffys do a comeback! Why’d you bury it!?


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