The Private Diary of Adam Nagourney


Headache! Dan the MAN!

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Dan you’re sweet, but the salt air may have gotten to you. You were supposed to put that guy’s name on chat boards and craigslist!

Now they’ll email me and call me again, hello! Email and phones and being chief political corr are such double swords.

You’re supposed to be an ombudsman- not a dumbbudsman! :) Ha! I’m kidding, I do have a headache though, I hooked up with Brit Hume (who knew?) in dupont last night and I tried poppers for the first time - I feel sick. WTF ?- seriously. I thought you’d just give those names to the WT! On the upside I’ll prob get a shout out on Kurtzy’s show. Onward and upward!

I am the Hero

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Man, I have been getting major props for my reporting lately. First I am praised for choosing to avoid the spin room and now Mark Halperin is hailing me as the hero of journalism. I danced around calling Bush a liar in my latest article but resisted so I wouldn’t see a decrease in Christmas cards. Plus, “pushes limit on the facts” makes it sound like he’s working hard.

I expect to see a spike in party invites as a result of my ever-increasing credibility. Speaking of party invitations, I reorganized my collection from being indexed by political affiliation to favorite hobby.

Watched Caddyshack I and II tonight. Why doesn’t Chevy Chase make movies anymore?

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