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Just checkin’ in

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LOL @ Alessandra! That’s what you get for stealing my French mime joke, bitch. Haha! Political beat’s a bit harder than critiquing the new tv season, isn’t it? Haha!

Oh, wait… WTF?!? 1 million… 240 million… 400 acres… 2000 acres… Numbers are hard!! Oh well. Whatever.

So Campbell totally blew me off after the debate. Bitch. She thinks she’s all that. Whatever. So I hung out in Spin Alley instead. Scotty was busy so I ended up making google eyes with Joey L. I got lots of juicy quotes, too. Check it. And I got to add him to my speed-dial.

Anyway Adam - I’m just glad Kerry won the debate (ssh! Don’t tell anyone!), otherwise I’d be totally bored for the next 5 weeks. Well I’ve got to run - phone is ringing and caller ID says it’s Scotty. Bye!

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