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Depressed/ Not Depressed

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Okrent is a jerk.

Excuse me- I ran I raq I made a mistake ack ack. That rhymes! At least I didn’t say that there’d been “some reductions in US casualties” since I didn’t go to the Debate. Ha! Whatever, I feel manic.

Carl Rove said I was “too cool". Couldn’t tell if he was saying that as a compliment or not. He was sort of half joking but not facetious (sp? whatever, I raq I ran just fix it Okrent :) )He seemed a bit mean when he said it- I can’t tell, really. It is possible he was saying it half -joking in a good way, you know like, “you’re not the coolest- i know that and you know that, but because of that you are, in reality, sort of cool.” Does that make sense? I guess he may have been saying it in sort of a friendly way. anyway, I did that article on how the campaign is going to cover domestic issues now ( stole it form the post) and I quoted 9 republicans to 3 dems so I think there’s no problem. (see I don’t need no stinkin’ spin room- watched the three amigos last night, god chevy chase makes me laugh.)

Thank god Kerry won the debate. All the republicans I spoke to said that the race was over if Kerry didn’t win this thing. (I think I sort of knew that already- how do you make up 4 points in republican weighted polls in only four weeks? Unless of course you live in Spain and a terrorist attack happens and you blame it on your political enemies? - Jodi don’t you dare think about using that! Hag!). Now, we got a race. I now officially wave the checkered flag!

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