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adam, you suck!

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wtf?!?! Since when did you get a work ethic? You are going to make us all look bad!

I might get to be on tv! The producer from Hardball was trolling the the press filing center earlier looking for “spinners” and I told him the orange joke. He laughed so hard that I thought he was gonna pee his pants, then he asked me if I had fifteen minutes to spare later on tonight.

Anyway, I ran into Campbell Brown in Spin Alley a few minutes ago. That bitch has owed me drinks since the New Hampshire primary, so we’re going to hook up later. She said to tell you “a BIG hello” - whatever that means.

Ok - I’ve got to run! They want everyone in their seats and no way am I passing up on my primo spot, even if it means sitting through thirty minutes of bullshit before the show starts.

Love ya! L8rs.

wassup my bitches?!?!? NYT is in the hizzouse!

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hey adam you are totally missing out. i just got back to the hotel after checking in with the media peeps in miami - you are going to be sooo jealous! i got FRONT ROW!!! yea see, that’s what happens when you make GW laugh - he really did love my orange joke. =) i think i’m going to try and work that into my next column. it’s all about access, baby! take that, nedra!!! LOL! oh, and they gave us some sweet gift bags! i got a gift certificate to the jimmy choo store in NYC (yes!!!) and a bottle of Glo!

so have you finished writing your post-debate article yet? fucking ABC news - they are totally going to blow it for us. they already posted terry’s post-debate article! they need to be careful - those fucking bloggers might pick up on it and flood okie’s email box again. just FYI in case you were going to do another copy-and-paste job from the RNC TPMs. now it looks like we’ll have to put in some actual work, which is seriously going to cut into my drinking time tonight.

oh speaking of - did you get that memo about not expensing drinks anymore? what the hell?

p.s. this humidity is really killing my hair. how the hell am i supposed to make google eyes with scotty when i’m all a-frizz?!?

Ha Ha

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what up sister!

I’m in not so sunny florida, hanging with a real man. check itGuess I win today. sorry you got no news - told you you shoulda have borrowed my “tan” piece! ^- lol!

Whatever. GW is so cool. I picked up an orange and said “hello senator!” GW laughed- hard. He squeezed my hand and said he was going to call me ‘tiny’ cause I’d be considered slim in Texas.

I should win a fucking journalism award- some asshole from knight ridder asked scotty if it was strange that G could get so much cash to florida so fast as opposed to nyc after 9-11. I did one of those “snow job” cough things- you know, a fake cough and was really saying snow job, then the guy turns around and says “excuse me?” and I just looked at him like “Yeah, like you’ll get a development deal to write a teen alienation drama for abc- not” and then i said- “how about being objective or do you write for a magazine?” scotty laughed and at lunch said he had a couple of agents who i could call in december! don’t worry I’m going to hook you up too!


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hey guys,
Trying out new blog software. I like it. I’ve decided to let J W. post here too. As long as only the four or five of us can read this and she doesn’t act too bitchy I say why not.
Still getting flack over that whole poll issue. I’ve promised myself that next time I write a piece on a poll I read the whole poll- as if! lol :)

Honestly though, people are complaining about the “sample"- just because 36% of the people in the poll say they voted for Bush in 2000 and 28% say they voted for Gore in 2000, doesn’t mean they did! If the 2000 election was 49-48 for Gore then these people who we polled were obviously lying or mis-speaking (hello!). Sample, sample, sample! I am sorry if readers don’t like that our poll had Bush up by 8 points, but if I hear the word sample again! It’s like it’s a federal case or something. Why can’t people lighten up? I’m a liberal! OMG almost forgot! Saw Broder at the Soviet Safeway. Gave me a thumbs up sign. If only!


Welcome To My Private Diary!

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Welcome to my personal diary! This blog is intended to be written for a PRIVATE audience. I hope to get into a posting rhythm soon. For now, I have to get back to work looking over poll numbers from Gallup and Frank Luntz. They do an excellent job of oversampling Republicans.

Welcome to my personal diary! This blog is intended to be written for a PRIVATE audience. If you email me and ask for permissions I may give it to you, but not likely.